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Bring on the VanderseXXX [entries|friends|calendar]
Monkey Butt Designs Mama

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Public Entry! [10 Sep 2006|10:15am]
This is one of those rare public entries. Most of my journal is Friends Only. No, I am not that exciting and lately I have very little time to update, let alone keep up with my friend's journals. I still try to check in on everyone because I love them.

Folks can comment here to ask me questions, add me etc. Everyone on my friends list can totally ignore this post.

Oh, and I love me some Blind Guardian. They asked to be my friend on My Space. :) Usually it is bands that suck, but you know what I was pretty giddy about the add. Speaking of metal. Dragonforce-the 15th. It is going to rule!

...Carry on.

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T-Mobile Terrorist Hacker. Thanks for nothing. [25 Feb 2005|05:17am]
Dear Fred Durst,
If you are going to video tape your ugly ass fucking some chick, make sure she is hot, you don't show your ugly ass face, fuck her in the ass and cum on her face. Come to think of it, a donkey punch would have been funny to see.

K, Thanks for the show Fred.

Note, these are not work safe, so don't click this link while at work.
Yes, I saw the video. The boy is small too.

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Bahamas Pics: Series 2 [25 Jan 2005|06:45pm]
More Fish. No clue as to what type they are.


More Bahamas pics.Collapse )

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Bahamas pic! Series One. [23 Jan 2005|11:23pm]
[ mood | Missing warm weather ]

Need a little warmth in your life? This entry will be public for a short period of time.

Here are the first of many pictures of our Trip to The Bahamas.
This was taken on our walk to the 60 foot slides at The Atlantis Resort. Our time-share is connected to Atlantis, so we could either walk or have the shuttle take us. Yes, I did the 60 foot slide. With the 60 foot slide, you have a sudden death drop, and you have to close your eyes becaue you are going so fast and the water spray in your face is intense. The slide takes you underneath the world's largest Aquarium full of Silver Reef, Hammerhead, Nurse, and Black Tip sharks. Talk about intense. They don't call it The Leap of Faith for nothing. For some reason, I forgot to take a pic of the slide, so you will have to do with the one provided.

Flowers and foliage, but don't ask me what kind. I have no clue. It was so damn pretty though.

Here is where Ash spent some valuable time. The kiddie Pool. Fancy heh? There are some very mini slides for the youngins.' This is also the side of The Leap of Faith Slide.

More Bahamas Travel inside. Mostly Fish.Collapse )

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Come on! You had to know! [24 Oct 2004|05:09am]
[ mood | Surely, don't call me Shirley. ]

Okay, even I knew a lot of artists/bands lip sync on Saturday Night Live. The songs are almost, always sounding like the albums/radio songs and no-one ever gets the timing right but thank god for the big fuck up last evening on SNL. Surely I am not the only one who has noticed past lip syncers, right? This is in regards to the Ashlee Simpson snafu that I totally missed last evening in case you all haven't heard! For the most part, it is the pop singers (Hello Britney) who are infamous for lip syncing on that show. I have always noticed it, haven't you? Granted, there are a lot of bands who don't resort to lip syncing cuz they have talent, but a select few do end up doing it on SNL. Shit Ashlee, better blame the band for your singing vocals that started without you and for you looking like a fool when you didn't lip sync your lyrics! I bet that this is getting bigger coverage than the election polls right now-haha. Damn, I would have loved to watch it, but was watching Real Time with Bill Maher cuz he is so damn awesome and the Simpson bitches are annoying...

Anyways, funny video for everyone to watch. Enjoy your day.


Link isn't working will find new one!

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Long Gun, Big Ol' Gun [29 Sep 2004|04:29pm]
This is really funny. It has been around for a few years.


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The Debates start Thursday! [25 Sep 2004|04:11pm]
I expect all of you to watch The Presidential Debate this Thursday. This will be the first electoral debates that I will actually be glued to the TV and will enjoy watching. Keep on rockin' folks.

Watching It! Vote damn-it!


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This is going to rock! New Zombie Comedy. [01 Aug 2004|06:09am]
[ mood | excited ]

Thanks Brian! This is going to be the best comedy about zilly zombies. I love Zombies.

Shaun of the Dead

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Amazing Lightning Storm/rainbow caught on film [12 Jul 2004|11:13am]
I am leaving this post public for all to enjoy. I thought that it was pretty cool that at the time of taking a pic of the rainbow, that I, by chance caught the lightning on film. AMAZING!

Coverted to Black and White!

more sky pics insideCollapse )

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[05 Dec 2003|06:25pm]
I have been the lazy fuck at updating. But, here is another fantastic link for you all. This if from The Fark photoshopping contests. Damn these things are great. I love 'em. Especially The Judas Priest, NSync, and Depeche Mode photoshopped pics. Take a few minutes because there is a lot of photos to scroll through. Definitely worth five to ten minutes of your time.

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Early Christmas present for the boys! [04 Dec 2003|05:41pm]
Best Tool Commercial ever.
Men will love it. Lesbians will too!

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Evil shooting up of Kitties! [20 Nov 2003|02:03pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

This is Guav's fault!

Kill the Kitties!

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Premature babies! [18 Nov 2003|01:36pm]
Please take a few seconds out of your day, and click on the hospital wrist band. Then share this link with your friends and in your journal. Today is the deadline, and Cigna will donate $1.00 for every click.


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Happy Birthday to... [17 Nov 2003|08:54pm]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY a_o_i! I hope it was a good one!

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2 Words for Kill Bill [06 Nov 2003|01:02pm]
Kill Bill equals...


Oh Man. About damn time Quentin Tarantino make another kickass flick.

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Charming huh? [01 Nov 2003|10:32am]

Guys Like That You're Charming

You're the girl most guys can't get out of their heads
Even if they met you on a bad hair day :-)
You just seem to "click" with everyone you meet
So even if a guy forgets about you for a second... his friends haven't!

What Do Guys Like About You? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

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My Playlist today! [28 Oct 2003|04:54am]
Lords of Acid-Our Little Secret
Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe
Bad Religion-Recipe For Hate
Godhead Silo-Skyward In Triumph
Juliana Hatfield-Hey Babe

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Discovery Channel Rules [22 Oct 2003|10:14pm]
Unsolved Mysteries is on and the are talking about The Salem Witch Trials. It is truly quite fascinating. They are giving many reasons for mass hysteria, and discussing the cruelty of the way the withces were hanged. It was a slow death... They are reenacting out certain situations too. Bizzarre.

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I have been meaning to post these up for a long while. Here is the pics for all of you fish fans.

Lots of photos ahead...

More fish, penquins, turtles etcCollapse )

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The Cheating Poll [20 Oct 2003|02:25pm]
Take it now....

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